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The 4th issue of The Cynic! Bad Behavior at Work. Yeah, this is going to be a very politically incorrect read considering the current political climate, but remember–Scott’s a dick, we all know it. This is him at work. Also in the digest is the second half of “The Emoji Killer,” a ridiculous and fairly dark storyline about Kevin, Scott, a prostitute and a small guy named Charles stuck in a mini-mart with a gun wielding attention whore with an emoji mask.

Issue 3 of The Cynic.
The Cynic Issue 3 was an experiment where I intended to do a hybrid between a comic strip and a full page comic book page. I think in the end, The Emoji killer story turned into a comic book story. Doyle’s origin story is in there too. And there will be more Doyle origin stories to come as he is a little liar.

The Cynic Issue 2 collects the comic strip story “Java Juggies.” It’s a parody of bikini barista stands which litter the highway next to where I live. I know of at least one that got shut down for a prostitution ring. Yes, it’s the seedy side of coffee. There’s also a summer special with Kevin, Sonja, Heather, Scott and Doyle going to the beach.

The Cynic Issue 1 collected a story I started a couple years back with the idea of rebooting the comic strip. Kevin is depressed about his mini-mart job, finds himself sulking in the bathtub and then finds the inspiration to write…only it’s on toilet paper. A whole novel on toilet paper! Of course, Scott and Doyle find out and want to use the toilet paper to do their business because let’s face it, everything is better–even wiping your behind–when it’s taboo.

These articles were written for various sites¬†and unfortunately it looks like Yahoo bought up the site(s) they were published on because they’re gone. I will have to write new ones as I’m note sure what the contractual obligations would allow for since I technically got paid and the articles were resold, buried and then disappeared. Unless they magically pop up somewhere else.

Stan ‘N’ Isaac¬†“Beware of Airheads on a Windy Day” is my kids tribute comic strip to the eighties and early nineties. I reworked the Kindle edition so that the comic strips could be presented in their original horizontal format instead of the earlier edition with the strips converted into boxes (two panels stacked onto the other two panels). I really miss drawing this comic strip, especially when I vacation in the summer at the beach. As a kid, I read quite a few collections of The Peanuts, Calvin ‘N’ Hobbes, Bloom County, The Wizard of ID, B.C., and so on while either sitting on the sand or sitting on the hotel balcony. Those were the best times!

If I can, I will draw another collection in the same style, but I’m hoping to improve on the lettering. If you haven’t seen the Stan ‘N’ Isaac website in awhile, it does have some recently updated comic strips added. The comic strip ran from 2000 to 2009, but I only collected it from 2005 on as I lost a lot of the scans from the early material. Also note that I’m waiting on Amazon to update the preview for the Kindle edition. To be clear, it is no longer in box format, there are two strips to a page with the option to zoom in on the panels.

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THE CYNIC comic strip features:
Doyle From The Cynic