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Swensonfunnies.com has been around since a little before the year 2000 and is filled with old school postings of games, cartoons, comics and articles by cartoonist Jeff Swenson. Finally, we’re cleaning up and updating to a newer layout and content management system. What does that mean? Well, it will be easier to add more of the same old junk eye candy and time wasters and possibly some important stuff too. Plus, if you want to comment or harass a cartoonist, feel free.

4 thoughts on “About Swenson Funnies

  1. I’ve been a long-time SwensonFunies, Cynic & Freethunk fanatic for years!
    I used to have a “collection” of your stuff hanging on my cubicle walll when I was on active duty; as well as saved images on my home computer. Alas, all gone now.
    This sad state of our current world has lead to, in the words of Mel Brooks…
    “The Death of Comedy”.
    Rich MacKinnon

    • The best compliment for any cartoonist is to have his/her cartoons posted on a wall or cubicle. Thanks for the note, Rich!

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