BAR GAMES - It's the weekend, relax
Friday night, Saturday night, it's time to hit the bars. Take your laptop with you and pull out this URL for drinking games. Now most likely the bar has the real versions of many of these games but there's a mean-looking SOB hogging them and you don't want to look like a wimp when he slaps you down for fun.

Pool Lightning Pool
A flashier game of pool, in Flash
Where the ball hustle
It's the old con game, but I don't think this version is cheating. Just have to have a good eye.
Hide Hide Sake
Or someone will punch you in the face. I can't stand angry drinkers.
pool balls MINI POOL 2
Nice table action, but I can't provide a beer to go with it. Sorry.
air hockey flash game DX ADVANCED AIR HOCKEY
So much more than the average air hockey game.
right y'ar pardner GOVERNOR OF POKER
An adventure in poker with 3D characters and plenty of table action.
can't see straight DRUNKEN SAM
Help Sam get home before his wife beats him.
back of my head TEN PIN BOWLING
You'll look cool as you bowl a strike.
All you have to do is find the cans, apparently it's free as long as you don't mind death.
Air Hockey Puck AIR HOCKEY - fast play
This mini-game takes you by surprise.
get home drunk game GET HOME
You're drunk, see
if you'll make it.
spinning ball GYRO BALL
A spinning ball that needs to be steered down the maze. But there are no maze walls, you just roll off the edge.
breakout icon RETRONOID
A classic tribute to Arkanoid or Breakout
Hmm, should I slap you? OPERATION SLAPS
It's that kids' game taken one step further. How fast are your hands?
drink beer golf course BEER GOLF
The best way not to play like Tiger Woods.


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