Midtown Comics Up To 75% Off Everything Bait Ads

Y’know, I was all set to bitch about Midtown Comics’ email offers for 75% off everything  for their Black Friday sale when I finally noticed it says “Up to 75%” instead of a flat 75% off  online with exceptions. Well duh! It’s right there in smaller print off to the left (see image below). Originally, my complaint was going to be about the small print in white below 75% off: “online only some exceptions may apply.” AND how they redefine the word “everything” to mean “not everything.” …But I can’t complain…because they slipped in “up to.” The sneaky bastards! (I must be blind!)

When I did my order of back issues I didn’t find one item that was 75% off or an offer for a stack of  back issues (volume discount) for 75% off. I figured the new release issues would be the exception to any 75% off offer, but not the back issues. I also didn’t see any graphic novels on my personal wish list that were 75% off either.  In total I ordered 33 issues. So it turns out that back issues were 25% off and new releases were 15% off.

So what the hell is 75% off? Because that’s the bait in this ad.

Apparently, you’re supposed to go to the blog if you click on the offer on the website… All it says is the same thing, up to 75% off everything and then lists comics, back issues, select back issues, graphic novels, manga, books and statues. Customer service also directed me to the blog when I emailed them.

I went on a quick hunt to see what I could find on the site. You can get 75% off  a Wizard Of Oz Double-Sided Wizard Figurine or a Grand Jester Frozen Anna Mini Bust. For graphic novels I found Mad Max: Fury Road TP or Batman War Years.  For Manga, Slayers Special Book 3. For back issues, nothing (but possibly it’s there somewhere).

So the 75% is available on very few items, it’s just buried and probably something you wouldn’t want anyways unless you’re a parent looking for cheap crap to stuff a stocking with. It’s hard to complain about 25% off back issues, but it would make sense to do a volume deal. Give me 25% to start, then up it to 75% if I buy 100 issues (or something like that).  That’s probably too much to ask, but for a Black Friday sale? Maybe not.

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