Saturday The 14th Strikes Back Is A Stinker

Just a warning to all those feeling in a nostalgic mood for eighties films: Saturday The 14th is a great little film produced by Julie Corman. The sequel Saturday The 14th Strikes Back is not, and yes, it was also produced by Julie Corman and written and directed by Howard R. Cohen who did the first film. Not sure how they screwed it up so bad unless they wrote a script page at a time day by day and ran out of money at the end. It is weird for the sake of being weird which then leads to boredom. The plot is everywhere, nothing makes sense and it’s a big disappointment compared to the original.


I never saw the sequel as a kid, only the original. Saturday The 14th was one of those movies my friends insisted on renting. It was a kids’ horror movie–goofy with vampires and monsters and an evil book. I suppose to those who didn’t see it as a kid it may be considered pretty bad too. It’s weird humor, but somehow it works.

The poster art is by Gahan Wilson. He loves his monsters. I have his book collection called Monster Collection filled with cartoon spoofs of horror. The kind of cartoon humor you used to find in magazines as filler material between articles (but magazines used to pay good money for them).

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