‘Scooby-Doo And The Goblin King,’ Worst Scooby Cartoon Movie Ever


I am an unapologetic Scooby-Doo fan from childhood so I have a high tolerance for some of the poorer episodes and movies featuring the gang. Scooby-Doo and The Goblin King, though, was excruciatingly painful to watch. And it featured an all star cast from our favorite Shaggy and Scoob voice actors Casey Kasem and Frank Welker to celebrities such as Tim Curry, Wayne Knight and Jay Leno. You would think that something good would have come out of that kind of talent for the voices? And for Christ’s sake, they even had Lauren Bacall voicing a witch!

It’s from 2008 and is part of the line up of newer straight to video releases. The plot is convoluted and as with some of the other releases such as Zombie Island, it breaks from the original premise of the Scooby gang investigating fraudulent claims of the paranormal because now the paranormal is not fake. Zombie Island, which was promoted with “real monsters,” was a good release despite the supernatural gimmick, but Goblin King ventures into an abstract dimension of monsters and magic and fairies. It’s also not endearing, the character humor is lacking and my wife who is also a Scooby fan started tuning it out  after the first half hour because of how obnoxious it was including the god awful musical numbers.

What I’m really disappointed about is that I bought it based on the Amazon reviews. When you scroll through the recent ones they are all 4-5 stars with rave reviews. I went back today and finally found a  one star review. I can’t believe so many idiots liked this release. It is absolute animated shit.

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