Swenson Funnies Will Transition To Off Jaw Comics

What the hell is Off Jaw Comics & Publishing? 

For the last year or so I’ve been working towards regular releases of comic strip collections and cartoon collections for Kindle (you can search for my name Jeff Swenson to see a list under books on Amazon) with the intent of starting a small press publishing outfit called Off Jaw Publishing. While currently Off Jaw has only my titles in circulation my hope is to expand to comic books and fiction and include other authors I know or have come into contact with. I also want to rescue any old material I’ve done for the sake of just putting it out there for readers who like old web comics and humor. Quite a bit of content from “ma and pa” sites has been crushed by commercial sites overloaded with ads, video ads and click bait. I don’t think old cartoons and cheesy comics from the past need to be buried by the future.

In addition, I am churning out new material and have written scripts for a couple of series ideas as well as plenty of new material for The Cynic comic strip. The first volume of The Cynic is being wrapped up in the new year with a total of 5 digest issues. I wasn’t even sure I would collect 5 issues, but it’s happening. They are all experimental and were the result of completing storylines that had never been finished due to freelance work and the general interruptions of life. Admittedly, the first volume was also gratuitous and may not be to everyone’s taste (fuck it, if you like silly nudity with your character humor than you’ll love the comic strips). Volume 2, however, will be more orderly in format and will feature some social issues in the storylines which I think have more potential for laughs considering the political atmosphere we’re in. I’ll write more about this on The Cynic website.

I have no illusions that small press comics are released into a crowded market dominated by larger rivals, but who the hell cares? My old comics already made enough money to justify the effort put into them and for any new work the concentration will be on putting out some new titles and building upon established characters. Let’s just have some fun with it!

So if for nostalgic reasons you came back to Swenson Funnies to rummage through some old games or comics, no–you’re not in the wrong place. I had seriously considered shutting the site down as it no longer had a real function in my life except to sell the occasional ad, but then I figure it’s worth the effort to convert it to my new venture.

2 thoughts on “Swenson Funnies Will Transition To Off Jaw Comics

  1. To Jeff,
    I’m one of those nostalgic types who decided to look you up after a while!
    Glad to hear you’re branching out and about – don’t know how old this post is so I could be quite late to the party.
    Doubt you remember me but I’m a goofball from India who tried to license your comics and such several years ago when I was younger and more hopeful.
    Since then I’ve gotten into writing and am a teeny, tiny indie publisher here myself now aside from making the comics which is the driving force here.
    I would very much love to (a) get my hands on the archived The Cynic comics if you still have any of those – it remains arguably my favourite webcomic of all time and I love that insane crew and your sense of humour and would like to get it to reread in its entirety if I could, and (b) if you’re looking for people with strange senses of humour (and also more serious/non comedy writing) to get comics from or (maybe…) try and license your old comics for reprint to, then I’m definitely still interested in trying to make it happen.
    Regardless, glad to see you’re still doing this stuff and I thank you for some of the best laughs and thought-provokingly weird moments Ive gotten from a comic strip and for being nice enough to correspond with a little dude like me from across the planet back when you did.

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