Robin Williams, Humor’s Personal Demons


I’ve never exactly been a huge fan of Robin Williams, though I always recognized his talent and his humanitarianism. The one movie that I loved, of course, was Good Morning, Vietnam. It’s one of the R-rated movies my mom took me to as a kid. And if there’s any connection, my mom has her own depression issues. Thankfully, she was never successful in her attempts.

It is true, though, about humor being tragic and many humorists are trying to exorcise their personal demons. Fact is, some of the best humor comes from the most horrific circumstances, even suicide. But tonight, we’ll leave that alone as losing Robin Williams has left a void for many people who grew up with his antics on the small screen and the big screen.

Pool Party Office


This office humor cartoon is from 2008. Some of my favorite gags are the simplest, and yes, I was working in an office when I came up with this drawing. Really, what happens with an office administration is work avoidance by all means possible. Otherwise, you’ll end up going stir crazy.

Sharknado? Meet Whoricane



My answer to Sharknado is Whoricane. This actually came out of a stupid conversation with a friend and quite by accident the word “Whoricane” popped out. It would make for a great movie. Thousands of whores in a swirling mass devastate a small town. And one whore even swallows the hero…um…take that where your imagination will lead it.

Sharknado 2 is premiering tonight on the SyFy Channel. It is the shining “cheeze” of this channel’s output of bad B-movies. Sharknado, the original, was good enough, but what I don’t understand is why they let Tara Reid, er, her character survive? If any actress deserves to be eaten and digested by a flying shark it’s her.