Brexit Bigotry

I’m not sure if this is just media hype, but it seems like Britain and for that matter Europe are regressing.

Racism Unleashed is an extensive article on the bigotry following The Brexit decision. Brexit seems to have given permission for all the racists and xenophobes to come out of the woodwork and display themselves and their hatred proudly. Not that we don’t have some of the same in the the United States. Yeah, I’m not a Trump supporter. Not a huge Hillary fan either but I’ll settle for her. Trump can go fuck himself (and knowing how narcissistic he is, he will do just that. Hope he can stretch that tiny dick around to his ass.).

Speaking of which, check out this hate sticker from UK’s National Action:

I guess they’re against Russians, Pot, Syringes and Gay Sex. Only someone had to draw the gay sex symbol which is pretty explicit. Due to the detail I would almost suspect the artist of being a closeted homosexual. Can you imagine an organizational meeting over this sticker at National Action in the UK?
“So Alfie, um, why didn’t you just draw two guys holding hands?”
“Are we against guys holding hands too? I thought it was just anal sex?”
“I think we could have gotten the message across with two guys holding hands. I’m just sayin’. We’re against anything gay. I don’t need to see a symbol that reads like an instruction manual.”
“How many of these gay porn stickers have we passed out? It could create more gays with an image like that. It’s like when you tell kids not to do something but you show them exactly how to do it.”
“Look, if you guys want approval over the art then you draw the next sticker!”

Jesus, bigots are clowns.


The Satirical Masterpiece that is South Park

By Jason

When one thinks of animated television shows, chances are that South Park will be one of the first to spring to mind. South Park recently returned to our screens with the launch of its seventeenth season, and I can’t help but feel that the masses seem to completely miss the main point of a show as brilliant as South Park.

Whenever the topic of South Park is brought up, no matter where you happen to be, someone (usually of the slightly older generation) will triumphantly pipe up that South Park is garbage, nothing more than four young boys who go around swearing and throwing up on one another. I would usually try to ignore these comments, knowing that to argue would simply be adding fuel to the already blazing fire, although lately, it seems that even the younger generations allow the brilliance of South Park to fly straight over their heads, making a whooshing sound as it passes.

The whole idea of a show such as South Park is to reflect on current events in an intelligently satirical way. If you sit down in front of a television and watch the boys growing unhealthily large and pimply while playing World of Warcraft, at face value you will probably feel like the episode was pointless, although you have just missed the socially relevant message the episode attempted to get across. Most people (even the South Park creators) seem to enjoy comparing South Park to Family Guy, although these two shows are significantly different. Family Guy takes you on a completely random twenty minute adventure filled with rather arbitrarily humorous scenes. South Park, on the other hand, expects you to look deeper than the literal scenes, looking at the episode within the episode, and going all South Parkception on the greater message.

For South Park to achieve this sort of controversial satire dealing with events as they happen, the creators don’t just gamble with ideas like on some mobile casino, instead, they have a rather intense schedule. An entire episode takes a week to complete, as opposed to other animated shows that have a much longer creation process. Due to this reason, it is possible for South Park to poke fun at events a few days after they happen, while they are still fresh and relevant. Take a look at their first episode of the latest season which references the NSA controversy that shook the United States. The episode sees Cartman filling the shoes of Edward Snowden, attempting to infiltrate the agency in an attempt to become a whistleblower. He makes use of the latest social networking application, called Shitter, which connects directly to your brain, and posts your every thought onto the internet, subtly poking fun at people overly concerned with online privacy who still post their every thought nonetheless.


Testicle Nibbling Fish

A truly scary story–for the male population. Per the local Fox News affiliate, there is a fish called the Pacu which is a cousin of the piranha that loves to eat nuts using it’s intimidating nut-crunching teeth.

The problem for guys is that if you go skinny-dippin’ or have your boys dangling out your suit, this little fish may mistake your nuts for real nuts. Crunch.


I find it humorous on this screen capture that the ad that populates is for erectile dysfunction. Yeah, having your nuts bit off could cause some issues.

Jesus Found on Dog Butt

From a story on Huffington Post, Jesus has been found on a dog butt. Take a close look, more can be found here.

Just another example of how humans seek out patterns in just about everything. Though to be fair, maybe Jesus is appearing on dog butts now and this is a sign of things to come. Don’t stare too long though as your spiritual moment might be destroyed by Jesus’ face exploding into ewww!

Kids Taken Away from Nazi Dad

Have you read about this idiot? Nazi Dad?

From, this couple first made the news when a bakery refused to personalize a birthday cake for their son–who they named Adolph Hitler Campbell! They also named their other children: “Joycelynn Aryan Nation Campbell, Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, and newborn Hons Campbell”

Now their kids have been taken into custody by the state for apparently this same Nazi worship and the father Heath Campbell (who strangely has not changed his name to something more diabolical) wants to visit his two year old, but in a full Nazi uniform. The comments under this article are a debate on parental rights, but Nazi worship may not have been the only deciding factor on the kids being taken away. An NY Daily article indicates that Heath was a wife batterer and terrorized his kids. He was also reported to be into devil worship (which is hard to take seriously these days). It shows that this guy is not all there, mentally speaking.

Hitler Tea Kettle by J.C. Penney

From the Huffington Post, someone noticed one of J.C. Penney’s new tea kettles has a striking resemblance to a famous dictator from World War 2–HITLER!

Obviously, I don’t think it was intentional but it does show how we humans seek out patterns and somebody should have said something before this was released on the market. Fact is, it reminds me of South Park’s Cartman dressed as Hitler.

Mormon Samurai

So according to CBS News, a Mormon bishop rescued a lady outside his house from a stalker with a samurai sword. The guy’s name is Kent Hendrix and he is definitely a hero, but the image of a Mormon bishop waving a sword at an assailant put a big smile on my face. The photo of him doesn’t evoke the holiness you would associate with a man of god, though this is Mormonism which is a crazy religion, and I make no apologies for saying that. If you haven’t listened to The Book of Mormon soundtrack from the Broadway play by the South Park guys you should do so just to get a run down on what Mormons actually teach. I saw Book of Mormon live and it was hilarious.

In the afterlife, I hope this guy does get his own planet.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, a man was arrested with threatening a passerby using nunchucks. Apparently, he was just wildly swinging them around on the sidewalk and a woman trying to get past him asked him to stop as he could hurt someone (or himself as nunchucks are attracted to nuts). He swore at her and followed her a bit which prompted a call to 911. He was arrested as a result–idiot!