Eight pages of games. Fun games, dumb games, and tribute games.
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BP Oil Drill Parody Game
Sarah Palin needs to shut up


Pokemon Magic Eggs
Use a Pokemon head to break out.

frog launch Mega Jump Frog
Launch a frog, hope it doesn't get hurt.
gungan gun down

Gun Down the Gungan
That Jar Jar Binks thing

Deep Creatures Game
Down below with a hammer
Kill me

Jailbird Escape
You're the law, or maybe a vigilante citizen. Regardless, kill those escapees.

toaster icon Appliances Amuck
Who knew a toaster could jump?
Back of a white guy's head

What a Shot
Shoot some hoops, oh wait, you keep missing.

Lunar Command
A clone of Missile Command with newer animation and effects.
Like radical dude

Surf Point Blue
The character is airbrushed, a throwback to the eighties surf scene.

Pool Lightning Pool
A flashier game of pool, in Flash
Sir, man down

Rotting Onslaught
Command a unit to take out zombies

Tremors worm Dirt Dragons Tremors Tribute
Those big worms are unstoppable.
speedy car

Speed Machine
Kind of retarded, but feel free to crash into other cars if you don't want to avoid them.

Inflatable monkey Spank The Monkey Game
Don't let your mom catch you.
Towel fighting guy

Towel Fight Game
Protect your goodies. They could be snapped off.

Where the ball hustle
It's the old con game, but I don't think this version is cheating. Just have to have a good eye.

Office Rage
Shoot your co-workers, I'm sure they won't mind.

Pacman yellow and green Kill Pacman
Pacman thinks he so cool because he was a hit arcade game. Time to take his ego out.


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