Brexit Bigotry

I’m not sure if this is just media hype, but it seems like Britain and for that matter Europe are regressing.

Racism Unleashed is an extensive article on the bigotry following The Brexit decision. Brexit seems to have given permission for all the racists and xenophobes to come out of the woodwork and display themselves and their hatred proudly. Not that we don’t have some of the same in the the United States. Yeah, I’m not a Trump supporter. Not a huge Hillary fan either but I’ll settle for her. Trump can go fuck himself (and knowing how narcissistic he is, he will do just that. Hope he can stretch that tiny dick around to his ass.).

Speaking of which, check out this hate sticker from UK’s National Action:

I guess they’re against Russians, Pot, Syringes and Gay Sex. Only someone had to draw the gay sex symbol which is pretty explicit. Due to the detail I would almost suspect the artist of being a closeted homosexual. Can you imagine an organizational meeting over this sticker at National Action in the UK?
“So Alfie, um, why didn’t you just draw two guys holding hands?”
“Are we against guys holding hands too? I thought it was just anal sex?”
“I think we could have gotten the message across with two guys holding hands. I’m just sayin’. We’re against anything gay. I don’t need to see a symbol that reads like an instruction manual.”
“How many of these gay porn stickers have we passed out? It could create more gays with an image like that. It’s like when you tell kids not to do something but you show them exactly how to do it.”
“Look, if you guys want approval over the art then you draw the next sticker!”

Jesus, bigots are clowns.


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