Kids Taken Away from Nazi Dad

Have you read about this idiot? Nazi Dad?

From, this couple first made the news when a bakery refused to personalize a birthday cake for their son–who they named Adolph Hitler Campbell! They also named their other children: “Joycelynn Aryan Nation Campbell, Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, and newborn Hons Campbell”

Now their kids have been taken into custody by the state for apparently this same Nazi worship and the father Heath Campbell (who strangely has not changed his name to something more diabolical) wants to visit his two year old, but in a full Nazi uniform. The comments under this article are a debate on parental rights, but Nazi worship may not have been the only deciding factor on the kids being taken away. An NY Daily article indicates that Heath was a wife batterer and terrorized his kids. He was also reported to be into devil worship (which is hard to take seriously these days). It shows that this guy is not all there, mentally speaking.

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