Mormon Samurai

So according to CBS News, a Mormon bishop rescued a lady outside his house from a stalker with a samurai sword. The guy’s name is Kent Hendrix and he is definitely a hero, but the image of a Mormon bishop waving a sword at an assailant put a big smile on my face. The photo of him doesn’t evoke the holiness you would associate with a man of god, though this is Mormonism which is a crazy religion, and I make no apologies for saying that. If you haven’t listened to The Book of Mormon soundtrack from the Broadway play by the South Park guys you should do so just to get a run down on what Mormons actually teach. I saw Book of Mormon live and it was hilarious.

In the afterlife, I hope this guy does get his own planet.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, a man was arrested with threatening a passerby using nunchucks. Apparently, he was just wildly swinging them around on the sidewalk and a woman trying to get past him asked him to stop as he could hurt someone (or himself as nunchucks are attracted to nuts). He swore at her and followed her a bit which prompted a call to 911. He was arrested as a result–idiot!

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