If you don't fit into the other categories of links that I have on this site I'm willing to fit you in here. Just send me your Site Name, Site URL, and brief description. And then also a URL where I can verify that my link has been posted. Link pages must be directly accessible from your homepage and not buried. - Movie rentals online
MEDICAL MALPRACTICE ZOO - A site to find info on lawyers, lawsuits and bad medical practices.
MAGNETIC PORTAL - You can't resist
RANZOOZ - World's First Anti-Glare Search Engine
EYE DOCTOR NEWSLETTER - News for your eyes.
GLOBAL 3D ARTS - 3d Architectural Renderings
PEARL SOFTWARE - Employee Email Monitoring
SERIOUSLY FUNNY VIDEOS - Don't you need a good laugh?
FUNNY VIDEO CODES - Get over 40,000 + free music video codes
METACAFE HOTB - Info and videos on the film about censorship and fanaticism
SZIGG - Classifieds
SHIRT PERVERT - If attitudes are contagious, ours may kill you.
FREE VIDEO GAME SITE - Games, comics, pinups
QUMOZ - A Business Directory
BILLABONG - Surfer Clothing, Swimwear and equipment plus news on competitions.
ART GALLERY WORLDWIDE - Gallery portals including landscapes, fantasy, and abstract paintings.
ONLINE QUIZ GAME - Quiz for Money is dedicated to bringing you the best online quiz and trivia games in the world.
THE DAILY QUIP -- Blonde jokes, dirty jokes, college humor and original stories
CAUSTIC -- Louder, Harder, Heavier, music scene coverage. Also a print mag.
SEARCH ART DIRECTORY -- is a valuable reference for artists, students and collectors interested in artists, painting, galleries, performing art, magazine, caricature, drawing, sculptor, photography, visual art, art shopping, music and more.
SONG LYRICS COLLECTION -- A free lyrics archive
CELEBRITY PICTURES ARCHiVE -- A huge archive of celebrity pictures


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