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Stupid User Reviews of Princess and the Frog

By swenson | January 3, 2010

I was not planning on seeing a Disney movie this last weekend until I read a user review at Moviefone.com that convinced me I had to see it: VERY DISAPPOINTED! This movie is not just bad, it is evil. The premise of the movie is based on voodoo. Disney should have more discretion in selecting content for a movie with such a young audience. Had I known, I would not have taken my children.

In other words, this person is a conservative Christian who thinks stories about magic are evil unless you slap the name C.S. Lewis on it.

I paid the outrageous ticket price and dragged my wife with me so I didn’t look like a lonely, old child molester scouting for victims in the dark. The Princess and the Frog was an absolute delight, an old-fashioned fairy tale with a twist–yes, it’s the first black princess and the first Disney movie besides possibly the now buried Song of the South that primarily features an animated black cast.

While not perfect, it hit all the right spots and for this reviewer who thought the movie was evil because it had a bad guy using voodoo–just because a cartoon features villainous magic doesn’t mean the entire story is evil, otherwise you can throw your Bible in that category too.

Here’s one more idiot comment, one which I figured would pop up somewhere: The animation was great with the music..but I thought the movie had racist…..I mean the white frog catchers chasing the frogs of a different color….Cant we get past this?

The movie was hardly racist, in fact, it had the guts to have a poor black woman trying to overcome the odds in–much like the very white Cinderella. This reviewer is reading way too much into that scene and besides, those “white” frog catchers were the racist depiction if any–they were drawn like redneck hillbilly swamp stereotypes.

Large media companies putting out popular entertainment are often fearful to depict a “poor” black person for fear of contributing to stereotypes, that’s why we get inaccurate period pieces with everyone thinking the races got along. That scene of white frog catchers trying to nab “black” frogs was one of funniest in the movies and the kids loved it.  And the frogs prevailed.

The main character Tiana is black and wonderful and she believes in hard work even when the white dominated landscape is apathetic to her dreams. Isn’t it time we had a black fairytale from Disney? And the music was such a refreshing change with New Orleans inspired jazz. Let’s just enjoy it for what it is, old fashioned animation fun.

Lastly there was this user comment: word to the wise that movie wasnt good at all i dont no why it was so bad but it just was i am very sorry

Word to the wise, punctuation is still necessary and I don’t know why you’re an idiot, you just are–sorry!

I can’t stand people who review something as “bad” but can’t give a reason. Reflect a little first. Maybe it will come to you. You don’t have to like the movie, but you should know yourself enough to know why you don’t like something.


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