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Stupid Breast Facts

By swenson | March 25, 2010

I was doing some research for one of my many projects and in particular I was searching for factoids on boobs. I came across the site http://www.ayurvediccure.com/breast_facts.htm and was so floored by how stupid the facts were that I had to post them here. A screenshot is below.

I’ll highlight a couple of these:

In response to Fact #2 about breasts being oversexualized in Western Society this is an opinion, not a fact. While I would tend to agree with this opinion one would have to ask why breasts are oversexualized and who is perpetuating it? Western men like big breasts and Western women if they have them use them to get their way with men (as a general rule). I do understand that puberty must be hell for women with big breasts because guys are pigs, especially at that age. The problem with this opinion is that it doesn’t seem to be recognized in the rest of the supposed facts which basically state “you’re beautiful just the way you are.” So who is defining beauty? Society or the individual? Or just this author? I say society defines beauty but that the individual can always defy society (which may or may not work). Rosanne Barr is not thought to be beautiful by most Americans, however, Roseanne doe

In response to Fact # 6 about large breasts not being sexier–this seems to be in direct conflict with Fact #2. Again this is a feel good opinion. In terms of sexiness, the author has already stated that Western Society oversexualizes large breasts which means “large breasts are sexier.” Now personal opinion can dictate differently, but again, what is this opinion doing on a fact list?

In response to Fact #10 about “All breasts, no matter what size and no matter what guys may say, are beautiful and amazing to the opposite sex.” What a bunch of bullshit and what a contradictory sentence. In the first part of the factoid the author says “no matter what guys may say” and then in the last part she (and I’m pretty certain this is a female author) says all breasts are “beautiful and amazing to the opposite sex”–including the guys who may say differently, huh? In other words, the guys who may say that a certain pair of boobs isn’t amazing and beautiful still think all boobs are amazing and beautiful.

Only a chick infected brain could come up with that factoid and I say that not against most women who I think can recognize the BS. If this woman author were honest they would say biology is unfair and that some women get nice breasts while others get ho-hum breasts, the same thing biology does to men with their muscles and their members. And women do not think all guys have amazing and beautiful chests.

You may wonder why I went off on this site and that’s because I was looking for facts, not opinions. These are poorly thought out opinions disguised as facts by someone trying to appeal to the insecurities of women and giving them unrealistic expectations. Otherwise, why do we have boob jobs–to even the odds for flat chested women!

Some bitches get the nice tits, nice bodies and gorgeous faces, while other others get shafted and have to make up the difference with their personality and brain power. As a man, I totally understand even as I can be guilty of lusting after a perfectly nice pair of large breasts. Women have my sympathies, but I can’t stand the lying.



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