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Comics Gone Bad

By swenson | March 30, 2010

For once I am actually excited to work with an online entertainment company. I’m partnering with Unicorn Multimedia, not only to do Iphone apps, but to start ComicsGoneBad.com.

Now the site itself is being spearheaded by two owners who are making their dispute public and don’t seem to mind. It’s a bit silly but one of them wants traditional comics while the other one wants more grown-up comics–I hesitate to say “adult” because his argument is that comic strips need to keep up with the pace of humor, and I tend to agree only I’m still a fan of old-fashioned funnies too.

So if the readers get their way, the comic strips will feature adult situations and nudity much like if you were to watch a series on Showtime or HBO, but to get there in order to prove the other site owner wrong there will have to be reader signups indicating that’s what people want. I suspect with all you pervs on the net that that is exactly what you want (yes, yes, I’m included).

For now we are running The Cynic, Frenetic Funnies, Joovia (a Unicorn Multimedia¬†product) and random comics. The Cynic is the first contender to feature nudity considering it already has plenty of adult humor. I know a lot of guys have been interested in Heather since she is a buxom bi-sexual so drawing her nude wouldn’t be too hard to do. The character Kevin, on the other hand…

I’ll keep adding updates on the sites progress. For now, stop by and subscribe if available so you can get the word when all of the “comics go bad.” Because even if I do draw some traditional comics, they too may go bad due to the site owner’s dispute.

I’ll give updates here too. You can rest assured, that if Heather goes topless you’ll be the first to know. Actually, she has been shown topless once on this site if you find it in the comics section.

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