About Cartoonist Jeff Swenson

Jeff Swenson is an online cartoonist and content creator most notably known for three regular features: Frenetic Funnies, The Cynic Comic Strip and Stan ‘N’ Isaac Comic Strip.  His website, Swenson Funnies Online at swensonfunnies.com has been online for the last 8 years and features comics, games and commentary.

The cartoonist is also responsible for several early flash cartoons, many of which have received more than 3 million views. This is not to say they represent the height of animation achievement, they are in poor taste but funny and badly done but still entertaining. The most notorious being The Taliban Women’s Revolt created after the 9/11 attacks. Currently these flash cartoons cannot be found on Swensonfunnies but a Google research will reveal various websites that have archived them.

In addition to online work Cartoonist Jeff Swenson has been published in The Wittenberg Door, Lone Tree Leader, The Herald News, New University, Laughable News, and a variety of local newsletters and weeklies. Two notable books that include his work are: Bounce Web Comics; Collections One and Two, Darwin Day; Collection One and Reluctant Prophets by Robert Darden. His cartoon collections include: Jugs, Beavers and Exploding Balls; The Cynic collection 2004-2005 and soon to be published Frenetic Funnies; Best Of Collection.

Other work by Jeff Swenson has been flash and web design work for the Indie Movie Project Heart Of The Beholder, the DVD now being distributed through mainstream channels. It was originally a labor of love by Director Ken Tipton and Producer Darlene Lieblich to tell the true story of censorship and political oppression on a video chain that refused to take a certain Martin Scorsese film off the shelf. As a result the chain was bankrupted. Jeff Swenson provided an early promo animatic to help raise funds and later created a flash video promo and detail work on a flash website featuring the film.

On what some might consider the more controversial side of things, Jeff Swenson donates his work to humanist and freethinking organizations and websites such as the Institute of Humanist Studies in New York and several pro-science websites. He feels that human effort can better resolve problems than faith alone and has been critical of cults and organized religion that put obstacles in the way of such efforts.